Simplified Kundalini Yoga(SKY) is a safe and highly beneficial system of  Physical exercise, Kayakalpa yoga, Meditation and Introspection formulated by Swamiji Vethathri Maharishi.

In the world filled with stress, tension and worldly excitement, are we leading a harmonious and a healthy life? Scientific improvements have reduced our physical work considerably, as a result of which several illness and diseases crop up every day. In order to nurture our physical body healthily and to build immunity, proper exercise should be given to the entire body. To maintain the relationship between body and the soul, streamlining the blood, heat and air circulation is very essential. Swamiji Vethathri Maharishi had studied various types of asanas and exercises. He had practiced and observed the results carefully. Finally he had systematized a series of exercises suitable for all climates, for all the human community, men, women and children. These simple exercises if practiced regularly will make you healthy, efficient, fit and cheerful at home and in your work spot.

Kayakalpa Yoga is an ancient wonderful technique practiced by our saints ( who lived for hundreds of years) for the enhancement of  life energy, hence a precious gift to mankind . It comprises of simple exercise to tone up the nervous system, increases the immunity against illness, withstands the ageing process and maintains health and youthfulness. This exercise is indeed simple and only takes three minutes in the morning and three minutes in the evening and one minute in the night to practice.

In the evolutionary process of nature, man is an unique and a supreme living being that he alone is gifted with the sixth sense, that is, the potential of self realisation. To achieve this, the mind should turn its focus inward. It is a systematic training of mind to bring out tranquility, increased sense of awareness, clarity and strengthening of mind. From the date of initiation, the aspirant is enabled to practice meditation by merging his mind within his soul. This process is called the Simplified Kundalani Yoga.  Practicing this meditation will improve our awareness, will power, sharpness and steadiness. In the process of time we become one with nature and Almighty. The Almighty will shine in you and from you.

In Introspection, the negative emotions of greed, anger, vengeance, worries etc is sublimated. One is taught to analyze his thought and to channelize it positively in constructive things. He learns the art of removing the unwanted habits and actions; thereby the practitioner’s wisdom and morality will blossom with clear light leading him towards intellectual perfection, peace and happiness.